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NASCAR Engineered Independent Suspension
  • Correct roll-centers for high speed cornering and superb handling
  • Revolutionary patent-pending design eliminates dangerous tendency to lift inside tire on turns
  • Truly amazing!

Tiltster: The Revolutionary Tilting Mechanism
  • Option that automatically tilts the trike into the corner for you
  • Adapts to fit Independent Suspension System
  • Simulates the feel of a bike for your trike
  • Corners much more aggressively with improved steering
  • Nobody else has it and nothing else compares with it!
  • Makes all other Trikes obsolete!

Easy to Install, Do-it-yourself
  • Independent Suspension System installs on your bike in hours, not weeks
  • ISS shipped preassembled in two sections
  • Direct bolt on for 1984 and up Harley Davidson or 1988 and up Honda Valkyrie or Goldwing with our brackets
  • Can convert trike back to bike if necessary
  • Works on ALL belt and chain bikes

Eye catching FUTURISTIC design
  • Featured at the major cycle rallies & many motorcycle magazines
  • Tiltster Trike featured on SpeedVision with more TV spots to come in future
  • Taking over the Trike World by Storm
  • It is the wave of the future!

  • Cheaper than the competition but infinitely better engineering
  • Built to last
  • Better value all around initially and for years to come
  • Shipped anywhere in the USA and abroad!

Incredible Handling & Cornering
  • No stiff turning
  • Tiltster automatically tilts into corners for added performance and handling
  • Low center of gravity
  • Rides like a bikers dream!

Fully Customizable
  • Endless Style options for looks with our body kits or round rolled fenders available
  • Handling is improved further with more Rake
  • The Rolling Chassis Kit offers you the custom chopper look
  • A great road machine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this trike kit bolt up to my bike?
  • Bolts up to 1984 and up Harley Davidson with the brackets in the kit
  • Bolts up to any Honda Valkyrie or Goldwing 1988 and up with the brackets in the kit
  • Suspension can be adapted to fit ALL chain or belt driven bikes
  • "Tilting" suspension with Tiltster - tilting mechanism is also an available option for all kits

What kits do you offer?
  • Independent Suspension Kit and all necessary brackets
  • Tiltster Upgrade
  • Fixed Axle - 33.5" & 41"
  • Fiberglass body kits
  • Conventional Tilt Body
  • Cobra
  • Detachable Body
  • Fender Kits
  • Turnkey Trikes
  • Raked Tree Kits engineered especially for your bike
  • We also offer a Rolling Chassis kit that includes everything you need to build a trike minus the motor, tranny, electrical and paint

Why raked triple trees?
  • Much easier steering
  • Eliminates front end wobble
  • Decreases front tire wear
  • Sportier look

How do I order a kit?
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